Digital Painting

My first digital painting!!


It has been a very….long time no see guys! How are you all? I have been enjoying summer vacation right after my graduation (worth all the effort at college), doing house chores, and also feeling a bit down lately while doing some job search.. 😦

However, thanks to my family’s encouragement I was able to look at the bright side and hopefully, I will land a job or start my own business soon. So anyway, I am happy to share my little new piece with you guys although I know that I still need improvement, but I am glad to get it done as another step forward to my goal and be where I meant to be.

To talk about this piece, I am now a big fan of LINE Webtoon (mostly Korean online comic). As much as I love stories, I am mainly a fan of art being published there for this one. Recently, I was reading Winter Woods, My Dear Cold-Blooded King and Siren’s Lament etc.. and I instantly fell in love with those really breathtaking characters and stories development, especially for Winter Woods which is very loosely based on one of my childhood favorites: “Frankenstein”!! Yo,…. I know it’s awkward but I can’t help fangirling over the lead male characters in the story. Thus, this is the reason why I started this piece. I want to discover my own art style and I really like my artwork to be 3D looking rather than flat. I like the grainy texture very much. It gives my work a more unique feel. LOVE it myself!!!

So…Enjoy it guys!! Appreciate any feedback.

See you again soon….

(Now I am brainstorming to do a male character)

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