Through the Looking Lens

Welcome Back Everyone!!

I hope you have had a very wonderful weekends and getting ready for the next. So this time, I have posted some interesting videos for my dear audience that will reflect my over all topic about things that have to do with graphic design (basically art).

Admit it!! Everyone wonders what one visual artist (not musical) do everyday since everyone knows that a big commission is hard to come by especially you are an entry level designer.That’s why I chose these three inspirational as well as educational videos to help you understand the lives of many visual artists.

So, the first video is from YouTube and from a video magazine channel called “”. It is about an illustrator named Katie Scott will shows us about the everyday life of an artist. She tells us how she passes each day as an illustrator and it really helps, especially me, to get a glimpse into an illustrator’s daily life.

The second one is about 3 important rules to follow if you want to be a good designer, which is by Augustine Mak on “dailymotion”. I decided to use this video because I like short yet educational and attractive videos.

The last is my own video which was taken by my Nikon camera. The reason I chose to shoot that way is that I am really fascinated by silent films. The video is about creating really attractive resumes through design skills. I went through some difficulties trying to upload my own video directly here but fortunately, I figured it out. I uploaded the video on my YouTube channel, copy and paste the URL here and it worked!!

Okay guys, hope you enjoy reading this week’s post with extra ingredient!!! Stay Tuned!!

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