Photos Out of the Blue!

Hi there!!

As you already know about me being a photographer in training, these are some of my best shots from last year or so.

I decided to use these images to let my audience know that I have an ability to take beautiful pictures in the right way as a graphic designer if not as a professional photographer. I look forward to taking some photography courses again after I’ve finished all my degree. A graphic designer or not, photography will always be part of our daily life, isn’t it? Who don’t know how to take a selfie?!

For these images, I took them with my Nikon D3200 camera and edited them in Adobe Photoshop. I didn’t edit them much in Photoshop except the “Woody Hearts” where I changed the surrounding into black and white.  The Christmas tree and the rest are absolutely “No Edit” apart from cropping the photo.

So anyway, I hope you enjoy it!!

One Golden Christmas
Lullaby in the Dark
Woody Hearts
Purple Beauty

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