Illustration & Photography


Though I am not as good at photography as I am in illustration, I am happy to share these images with everyone.


We were all having fun at a beach near New Bern with our relatives and I took my camera with me so that I could practice what I had learned in photography class. I told my brothers to jump as high as they could from the wall of Fort Macon and took the photo. Actually, I wanted all of them to jump at the same time but it was as the photo shows.

Anyway, I LOVE IT!!!! It was definitely one of my best shots and it still is.

Honestly, I am still at the foothill when it comes to photography unlike my excelling skills in illustration as a graphic designer.

It is always fun to know the basic of everything even if you are not a specialist at all of them. For example, you can follow a cook book easily while not being a professional chef if you know the basic cooking skills.


Here comes my favorite part!!!! This is my illustrated vector portrait of Taylor Swift. The main focus is actually her hair. Hair is hard to draw or paint, even for traditional art. However, nothing is as hard as it seems if you have a great motivation to do the process and get the work done.

I am now in love with illustration so much that if I cannot be anything else, then I pray that I can at least become an illustrator.

Believe it or not!  I started learning both illustration and photography only after I got into college but I found out that I have got a gift in illustration rather than the others (though I love photography very much too). It is just that I can absorb things quickly whenever it comes to drawing and painting with or without digital devices.

So as you can see my artwork here, you can really tell in what field I excel and I am trying hard to improve more and create more. Alright! Stay tuned everyone!


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